POISED Ministry

Positive Outreach Initiative Seeking to Encourage Daughters

POISED Ministry is a mentoring/Leadership program for young girls (ages 10-16). Personal Development is the objective of the program; helping young women build self-esteem, identify their God given talent/s, money management, and career path development,(Think Ahead).



There is more to the name “POISED” ministry than the acronym (Positive Outreach Initiative Seeking to Encourage Daughters). POISED is defined as having a graceful and elegant bearing or a composed and self-assured manner. The focus of this ministry is to help young girls transition into becoming elegant, graceful, and most of all self-assured young ladies. I believe, “A self-assured young woman is a force to be reckoned with”.


Each girl will be paired with a mentor (volunteer). This one-to-one pairing will continue over a 6-12month period with hopes that both mentee and mentor continue with the program the following fiscal year. We do ask that volunteers commit at least 6-months to the program to ensure that there is some form of consistency for mentees.

All volunteers and children will meet every third (3rd) Saturday of the month at a designated location selected by the program director (i.e. Downtown DC, Local Library, local Parks, etc.).

During this time discussion will be done as a group, helping volunteers and mentees build solid friendships. Each girl will be given a writing Journal to record hopes, dreams, and aspirations. As founder of POISED Ministry, I believe:“writing is the only way to explain my life to myself”.

I am super thrilled about this ministry and hope you are just as eager to get involved. POSIED Mentoring Ministry is a non-profit organization, which means at no time will there be a charge for volunteers or children to remain in the program. LETS GET STARTED!!!!!


“Our success is defined around the results we achieve for young ladies, the increase number of girls we impact (scale), and the lifelong success and community support that follow.”


The Youth Evaluation Survey is a critical tool in our Outcome Evaluation System, the evaluation is a pre/post survey for youth that is comprised of four (4) measures: thoughts of self, social acceptance, academic achievement, and parental trust.


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